Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt Park was built in 1933 with federal Civil Works Administration funds. Originally called Terrace Park, it was later renamed after President Franklin Roosevelt. The park survived periods of neglect, crime, and dying trees to undergo a $2.8 million renovation and clean up in 2007. Today, it endures as one of Albuquerque’s oldest and most cherished public spaces. The park’s 13 acres feature more than 2,250 trees and bushes, including umbrella catalpas and some 200 Siberian elms. There are grassy areas for picnicking, along with a Frisbee golf course. Of interesting note, the abutment on the south side of the park was made from stone recovered when the county jail at Rio Grande and Central was demolished. A 0.65-mile path within Roosevelt Park has been designated as part of the Albuquerque Prescription Trails Pilot Program. Rated for difficulty at Grade 2, it is a combination of packed gravel and concrete surfaces measuring 4~6 feet wide. The segment at the north end of the trail is flat and paved, while the south is a bit steep and rocky, not fully accessible to wheelchairs. Walkers on the circuit will cover 1,375 steps. Dogs are allowed to go off-leash in Roosevelt Park, which is located at the intersection of Coal & University SE. It is the #97 stop on ABQ Ride, and parking can be found in the lot near Hazeldine and Sycamore SE. Note, however, that the park has no public facilities, including toilets. Photos: City of ABQ Film Office